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G Sol Great work from the homie D Lynch y'all check him out he's sicc! Favorite track: Dust to Dust [Prod. Kato] (feat. MK & Dead Smoke).


This album is dedicated to the memories of: Stan Johnson, Jessica Crane, Corey Kesselman, Ashely Nickerson, Jerry Byelich, Martha Byelich, and Michael Byelich.

This album represents the pain, sweat, blood, tears, the ups and downs....just the flat out roller coaster of a ride the last 3 years have been. Sort of a burying the hatchet, if you will.
Thank you to everyone who supported me - D. Lynch


released March 21, 2015

All Songs written and performed by: Daniel Byelich

Feature Credits: Chris Palko, Samoan IRok, Tyler Greaff, Jidnak, Carl Adams, Teddy Benson, Zoniak, Darren Toomer

Producer credits: Marcus Hopson, Daniel Byelich, Carl Adams, Kato, B James, Matt "Plan C" Cohen (Co-Engineer)

Special Thanks/Shoutouts to: Chad and the rest of the Pennington family, my parents for being so supportive of my crazy schedule and the life style I've chosen for myself, my brothers Jordan, Max, and Simon. My sisters Cheyanna, Janelle, and Lia. My little nephew Owen (THE FUTURE OF HIP HOP WATCH OUT FOR HIM HAHA!), Hopsin, Kato, B James, the entire ISNMK camp, BMI, RudeBoy Clothing, Battle Born Clothing, my manager Ian Martin, MK Ultra, Cage, Run The Jewels, the guys in 7 Seconds (without them, i would not be a musician), NAS, MOS DEF, and even Jay-Z for the inspiration over the years. My boy Rob Walton for showing me the light that is Hip Hop, A&M Entertainment, Wu Tang, Killah Priest, Scarub of The Living Legends, 775Battles, King Of The Dot, Aspect One, Lush One, Illmaculate, Sadistik, DJ Abilities, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Seth MacFarlane, and most importantly THANK YOU TO THE FANS THAT HELPED ME MAKE IT SO FAR!!!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!

- D



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D.Lynch Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

D.Lynch is an American Hip Hop Artist from Philadelphia, PA

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Track Name: Fuck With Me [Prod. Hopsin] (feat. Cage)
D. Lynch verse 1:
I take a step back
dressed in all black
I'm this and I'm that
come with pistols and bats
take another puff
come lift me off to space
this the kind of shit
to leave you numb
in the face
man im sick of this place
y'all got paper to chase
they rolling up the block
y'all better duck and brace
theres a beast in the streets
get the fuck out the way
time to be a man
aint no one saving you
but thats the game
that they play
bitch i aint
beggin to stay
pay me today
or you aint
never see rayz
pop another bottle
pour another shot
mix it with some pot
or you're all getting shot
the fire never burns out
if i taste defeat
bitch I'm the reason
the sun never sleeps
thought you figured me out
faggot you read me wrong
stick to the greed
you based your
whole fuckin album on

D. Lynch verse 2:

i got a mother fuckin
death wish
shoot myself
in the head
with the gun
tupac was killed with
i serve your ass up
something like a chef
bitch you eating
your own mother fucking
words for breakfast
y'all think I'm stupid (nah)
I'm just playing a long
i aint never spitting
to your wack ass song
yo dude bro
please don't get me wrong
imma lay this verse
write after i pack this bong
i bet you sing another tune
when i smack your moms
been sitting for months
it don't take that long
i guess I'm out of touch
cause if y'all so straight laced
then i can have an orgasm
keeping a straight face
kill me to shut me up
i won't never be through
who the fuck is you
playing dude?
you don't think i got
people who love me too?
im d. lynch bitch
who da fuck are you?!

Cage verse:

Broken up a fetus jumped in glass
I was stuck in the mattress like a bunch of cash
What you seem to know last I would know first
the gift is knowing this shit is a curse
The worst of the regime feeding your children to the machine through the screen
if you're lucky you made it out as a teen
Every million only one will attempt to kill the queen
99% will gather pollen for the team
That's like sipping champagne from a fucking canteen
I tried not to lose it but this new world i ordered is so lucid
like Christ came back cause I got new music
to say you either hate or love it
I got a face you want to shoot or do a portrait of it
you lay it all out on the table at the morgue so fuck it
still burning flowers not an ounce of guilt
shall be the whole of law to do what thou wilt